klang sub5

Our multiple award-winning subwoofer, the klang sub5, delivers an intense sound experience with 360 watts of total music power, providing a dynamic and powerful bass foundation in the home cinema - down to 35 Hertz.

Excellent & Tested

Music power (W)

Max. Frequency (Hz)

Min. frequency (Hz)

DTS Play-Fi
WDAL 2.0

WLAN (Wi-Fi) Standard
IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac

In stillness lies strength. 360 watts and yet completely free from vibrations.
Hexagonal, point-symmetrical construction for compensating moving masses: absolutely vibration and oscillation-free in half the size.
Elegance and Perfection in Detail: 360° Design with Exquisite Materials
Its innovative, thoughtful, and compact construction, along with carefully chosen high-quality materials, set the klang sub5 apart from traditional subwoofers, making it a space-saving and stylish powerhouse for any living room home cinema.
Bigger on the Inside: Over 1,000 cm² Diaphragm Area and Six Drivers.
This is pure audio power elegantly packaged in a space-saving form: Thanks to its well-conceived and Germany-developed design, the klang sub5 is only half the size compared to conventional subwoofer designs.
Perfect complement to the klang bar3 mr and klang bar5 mr. Powerful Cinema Sound Engineered in Germany.
The active wireless subwoofer klang sub5 delivers an intense sound experience with a total music output of 360 watts, providing dynamic and powerful bass foundation for home cinema – extending down to 35 Hertz.
Loewe Wireless Digital Audi link: For Lossless and Latency-Free Wireless Signal Transmission.
For convenient installation and disruption-free transmission of Dolby Atmos sound via wireless, free from echoes, jitter, or latency.

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